About The CCLFC

The Clark County Local Foods Council (CCLFC) is a non-profit organization. It consists of a group of key stakeholders who have come together to address local food education, access, availability, consumption and production in Clark County, Ohio.


Local foods are an asset to our community and it is our hope to elevate local producers, growers, entrepreneurs, as well as educational opportunities to learn more about food as an integral piece of our community quilt.

We know that food has an impact on our community in a number of ways and has an important role in health, family, relationships, social fabric, and economics.


In 2022, the Clark County Local Foods Council became a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.


To connect consumers with foods

local to the area while 

promoting food interests in economic, health, policy, social, educational, and cultural discussions  

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 Create a level of trust and assurance  between Producers and Consumers


Allow Consumers to trace back the origin of local food



​Compliance. Local food should comply with all federal, state, and local food safety laws. 

​Availability and Access.

Local food should be available to all regardless of   

socio-economic status.



Local food should be fresh, wholesome, and nutritious 



Consumers should have many choices when it comes to their food.