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  1. How to sow seeds, plant plants, and successfully raise and harvest plants (e.g. OSU Master Gardeners' upcoming gardening workshop)

  2. How to troubleshoot gardening problems (e.g. Master Gardener hotline and ability to chat with other community gardeners)

  3. How to compost (e.g. National Trails composting workshop_contact = Bonnie Martens date = TBD

  4. How to avoid problems with lead (e.g. soil lead and pH testing_I can arrange this at NO charge)

  5. How to avoid problems with lead (e.g. washing produce before eating, etc_Ashley and I can provide information)

  6. How to preserve foods (e.g. pressure cooker info and pressure cooker checks by Kathy Tutt)

7. How to use produce in healthy recipes (e.g. recipes and healthy food demos by Kathy Tutt)

8. How to sell foods as a Cottage Food Producer or in a Home Bakery (I can provide guidance on how to do this legally)

9. How to set up a Farm Market on-site (I can provide information on this too)

10. How to avoid health problems (e.g. get your tetanus shot booster / skin cancer awareness / avoid mosquito issues (I can provide information)

 11. How to get rid of unwanted chemicals (at the Solid Waste Management District Recycling Center_see handout for more info)

12. How to avoid problems with underground utilities at the site (call OUPS hotline to have them check for utilities before you dig)


  1. How to ask for FREE tools/supplies to help clean a proposed site (again, Bonnie can help arrange the use of the community cleanup trailer)

  2. How to get FREE soil lead and pH testing avoid problems with lead (I can arrange this at NO charge)

  3. How to arrange for the underground utility check (call OUPS hotline 800-362-2764, 8-1-1, or visit e-dig)

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